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Upcoming Events

March 2016 -Attending Sachs 9th Annual European Life Science CEO Forum & Exhibition - Switzerland - 15-16 March 2016

January 2016 -Attending JP Morgan Conference - San Francisco, USA - 11-13 January 2016

September 2015 -Attending European Cancer Congress 2015 - Vienna, Austria - 25-29 September 2015

June 2015 -Attending BIO World Congress 2015 - Philadelphia, USA - 15-18 June 2015

June 2015 -Attending 9th International Conference on Oncolytic Virus Therapeutics - Boston, USA - 13-16 June 2015

May 2015 -Attending 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting - Chicago, Illinois - 29 May-02 June 2015

May 2015 -Attending BioEquity 2015 - Vienna, Austria - 19-20 May 2015

May 2015 -Attending MPM Capital's 14th Annual Healthcare Leaders Summit - Miami, USA - 12-13 May 2015

May 2015 -Attending BioTrinity 2015 - London, UK - 11-13 May 2015

May 2015 -Attending CIMT annual meeting - Mainz, Germany - 11-13 May 2015

October 2016 - Edison Interview

September 2016 - PsiOxus Therapeutics Announce Executive Team Reorganization with Two New C Level Appointments in the US

June 2016 - Bristol-Myers Squibb and PsiOxus Therapeutics Announce Immuno-Oncology Clinical Collaboration to Evaluate the Combination of Opdivo and Enadenotucirev

March 2016 - PsiOxus Therapeutics Initiates Combination of Paclitaxel with Oncolytic Virus Enadenotucirev in Ovarian Cancer Study

January 2016 - PsiOxus Therapeutics Appoints Dr Paolo Paoletti as Chairman of the Board

December 2015 - PsiOxus Initiates Combination Study of Merck’s Keytruda with Oncolytic Virus Enadenotucirev

June 2015 - ASCO Immunotherapy Preview: These Cancer-Killing Viruses May Save Lives

June 2015 - Drug Discovery News Cancer Report Live

May 2015 - PsiOxus Therapeutics raises a £25m Series C investment to progress oncolytic virus plus checkpoint inhibitor combination study in metastatic colorectal cancer

April 2015 - PsiOxus Therapeutics to present promising new data on novel oncolytic immunoncology platform at AACR 2015

April 2015 - PsiOxus Therapeutics expands clinical studies for immuno-oncolytic treatment following positive response to intravenous delivery

January 2015 - EMA grants positive opinion for orphan drug status for ovarian cancer oncolytic vaccine

June 2014 - PsiOxus Therapeutics initiates 'OCTAVE' ovarian cancer study for oncolytic vaccine enadenotucirev

June 2014 - PsiOxus Therapeutics announces positive study results of oncolytic vaccine enadenotucirev at 2014 ASCO annual meeting

May 2014 - PsiOxus Therapeutics to release study results of oncolytic vaccine enadenotucirev in cancer patients

November 2013 - Mid-stage clinical study of wasting disease therapeutic MT-102 shows reversal of cancer-related wasting

October 2013 - PsiOxus Therapeutics named most innovative biotech SME 2013 by EuropaBio

October 2013 - Full interview with Dr John Beadle and EuropaBio during the European biotechnology week

June 2013 - PsiOxus Therapeutics initiates second clinical study of oncolytic vaccine

May 2013 - Dr Christine Wilkinson-Blanc joins PsiOxus as Chief Medical Officer

April 2013 - BIO 2013: NPR's Dr Moira Gunn interviews PsiOxus CEO Dr John Beadle in the BIO Buzz Centre

March 2013 - PsiOxus Therapeutics comments on phase III results from Amgen's oncolytic vaccine

March 2013 - PsiOxus Therapeutics completes patient enrollment for phase II wasting disease therapeutic MT-102

February 2013 - Oncolytic vaccines: an inside job

January 2013 - DTRA awards US$3.3m contract to PsiOxus to develop biodefence vaccine adjuvants

October 2012 - UK Government awards £1.7m grant to PsiOxus Therapeutics for second phase I/II clinical trial of cancer vaccine

September 2012 - PsiOxus launches phase I/II clinical trial of oncolytic vaccine with dosing of patient with metastatic colorectal cancer

September 2012 - PsiOxus Therapeutics converts £1 million ($1.5 million) in loan notes from the Wellcome Trust

September 2012 - PsiOxus Therapeutics honored by OBN as best biotech fundraiser

July 2012 - PsiOxus Therapeutics secures £22 million in series B financing to drive clinical development for oncolytic vaccine

April 2012 - PsiOxus expansion

January 2012 - PsiOxus Therapeutics strengthens team with two appointments

January 2012 - Early success of Ark’s manufacturing partnership with PsiOxus: initiation of toxicology study for PsiOxus’s ColoAd1 oncolytic product

December 2011 - Studies confirm both pro-anabolic and anti-catabolic mechanism of action of PsiOxus Therapeutics’ wasting disease therapeutic MT-102, 6th Cachexia Conference in Milan

September 2011 - PsiOxus Therapeutics receives £1.8 million translation award from the Wellcome Trust to take oncolytic vaccine into clinic

March 2011 - Initiation of clinical study for MT-102

December 2010 - Launch of PsiOxus Therapeutics

February 2010 - Myotec closes £5.65 million series A funding

December 2009 - Myotec MT-102 pre-clinical data presented at the Society on Sarcopenia, Cachexia and Wasting Diseases, 5th Cachexia Conference in Barcelona