Dedicated to saving patients' lives by changing the paradigm for solid cancer treatment

At PsiOxus, we are committed to unlocking the potential of immuno-oncology in solid tumors to improve survival rates for individuals fighting cancer.

Our approach to treating cancer involves selective delivery of single or multi-protein therapeutics to tumors via an intravenously injected viral vector. These therapeutics act locally to reprogram the tumor microenvironment, providing new treatment options for patients with cancer.


Our novel class of medicines expand the potential of immunotherapy to applications beyond T cell-rich ‘hot’ tumors, with therapeutic potential as both single agent and in combination with current immuno-oncology agents.

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Two transgenes: Producing a secreted CD40 agonist monoclonal antibody.

Clinical Studies: FORTITUDE, FORTIFY.

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Psioxus 4 Transgene.png


Four transgenes: Producing an anti-FAP bispecific plus cytokines/chemokines.

Clinical Studies: STAR, NEBULA, MOAT.


An advanced pipeline of products exquisitely engineered to reprogram the tumor microenvironment. 

Our clinically validated T-SIGn® viral vector platform delivers multiple transgene payloads that re-program the tumor microenvironment of both primary and metastatic tumors. Our platform can integrate rationally designed synthetic agents to unleash the power of genetically engineered cell therapies.


About Us

PsiOxus is a clinical-stage company redefining therapies for solid tumors with the potential to cure patients' cancer.