About Us

At PsiOxus, we are committed to unlocking the potential of immuno-oncology in solid tumors to improve survival rates for individuals battling cancer. Our team of business leaders, clinicians, research scientists, and other specialists are dedicated to developing new cancer treatments targeting unmet needs. Making a difference every day, with the goal of helping patients, is at the heart of what we do.

PsiOxus is a clinical-stage company redefining therapies for solid tumors with the goal of curing patients with cancer. Our clinically validated, systemically dosed T-SIGn® viral vector platform delivers tumor-localized production of combinations of protein therapeutics and synthetic payloads within solid tumors.

This approach can drive sustained reprogramming of the tumor microenvironment in both primary and metastatic sites. Our approach overcomes the central challenge of cancers’ resistance to current treatments and enables the development of a new paradigm for cancer cure in the future.


We have a rapidly expanding and advancing pipeline of novel monotherapy and combination product candidates that have shown a consistent safety profile and increasing evidence of efficacy surrogates such as biomarkers in studies to date.