Our Technology

Our validated T-SIGn® platform is designed to provide a new paradigm for the future of cancer care.

Our clinically validated T-SIGn® viral vector platform delivers multiple transgene payloads that re-program the tumor microenvironment of both primary and metastatic tumors. Our platform can integrate rationally designed synthetic agents to unleash the power of the immune system, including genetically engineered cell therapies.


The platform enables intravenous (IV) delivery of multi-armed genetic payloads to tumors and metastases. The viral vector replicates only in cancer cells and the replicating virus can persist in tumors for many weeks. The breadth of therapeutic opportunities for combination vectors include cytokines, chemokines, antibodies, bispecific therapeutics, and other novel synthetic payloads.

Psioxus Cancer Cell

Our technology has been mechanistically designed to target carcinomas that account for 80-90% of all cancer cases and is highly-leverageable across a wide range of cancer types.